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My name is George Wood. I'm a professional musician from the UK. Most of the week you can find me in my home studio in Chelmsford (Essex)  teaching my wide range of guitar students. I also perform in one of the UK's most booked function bands 'Happy Hour', as well performing solo acoustically, in duos and trios for all types of events nationally and internationally.

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My Story

As a guitarist of 20+ years, I have learnt - and continue to learn, the valuable skills required to not only develop the technical and theoretical aspects of guitar playing, but also the foundational skills of musicianship. 

I picked up my first guitar aged 10. Having grown up in a family of non-musicians but passionate music-listeners, the art of guitar playing was something that clicked for me the moment I first tried to play. Working my way round the fretboard trying to learn my favourite songs, one of the initial things I learnt was how important it is to train your ear and develop a core understanding of the art of songwriting. Not just the technical aspects of guitar playing.

I was fortunate enough as a young guitarist to be surrounded by friends who were also learning instruments. This made it easy to form my first bands and with that, came my first opportunities to perform. Which like it does in the music industry, led to other opportunities. I continued to develop my playing over years of gigging - from my originals bands with our own carefully crafted songs, steadily making my way into the world of professional performance work, in which i've worked ever since. 

Amongst this, I studied music at school, college and into university where I obtained a BTEC Level 3 Diploma and BMus (Hons) Degree in Popular Music Performance for Guitar. Studying from some of the world's best musicians and tutors had a profound impact on how I viewed the guitar as not only an instrument to develop a technical, theoretical and stylistic understanding of, but also something that is an extension of myself. 

Music is the biggest influence in my life and it has shaped who I am today. I've had some amazing opportunities - from signing publishing deals in my own bands, playing main-stages at festivals and prestigious music venues, performing in some of the most in-demand function bands in Europe for clients such as Apple, Warner Bros and Microsoft, nationally and internationally. Some of the most valuable lessons in my life have been drawn from the achievements and challenges I have faced as musician trying to make their way in the often murky waters of the music industry.

It's with this experience that I hope I can help you to learn the guitarnot only developing your musicianship and technical ability, but also learning to play in the styles you love. As well as experience to bring to your event as a performing musician - whether it's in one of my bands, trios, duos or just me.


For all enquiries, please follow the link here to my contact form.

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